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ANAHITA MODARRESI was born in September 1985 in Isfahan, one of Iran’s most historical and cultural cities, and her childhood was filled with fasciation and wonder for both classical music and literature. At age 15,  Anahita began to collect her poetry and her paintings in a few notebooks which served as material for  her first composed piece, “Parallel Lives.” She moved to Tehran to study Theatre and Cinema Makeup Artistry, saying the last goodbye to her mother--her greatest inspiration for her art--who was battling breast cancer. She simultaneously completed her degree and a poetry collection entitled “Diazepam Dreams.” Soon after, Anahita then began pursuing classical voice and harp lessons.

She published her vocal pieces, including her lyrical poetry in Persian of “Memories of Childhood” sung over Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and a Persian translation of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. She also published Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days” with a lyrical translation in Persian and her first individually composed song based on her poem entitled “A Woman.”

Anahita was performing as Mezzo Sopranist in two Tehran choirs while studying Music Theory and Solfeggio when she composed “Parallel Lives,” her first classical instrumental piece. “Parallel Lives” brought her the title of Distinguished Musician and Honorable Mention in the IBLA Grand Prize Composition Competition of 2014. Because of this distinction, she decided to pursue a Master of Arts in Composition. Her piece “Stella” won 3rd prize in the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra Composition competition 2014.

She moved to Germany in October 2015 to pursue her dreams of life and of music.

Her piece “Katja is Passing Away” for solo piano brought her the title of the Most Distinguished Musician in IBLA Grand Prize 2016.  That December, Anahita held her 1st painting exhibition in the beautiful city of Freinsheim, Germany.

Anahita is currently composing new pieces to be performed and recorded as part of her second album. She continues to paint and write while studying Astronomy and Metaphysical sciences, two grand inspirations in her pursuit of the Arts.

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