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ANAHITA MODARRESI was born in September 1985 in Isfahan, one of Iran’s most historical and cultural cities. Part of an academic family, her father is one of the most successful neurologists in Iran, and her Mother was a pharmacist. Three years later after birth, her family moved to Ahwaz where she remained until she was 18.

Throughout her childhood, Anahita was fascinated by classical music and classical literature. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and Shakespeare’s Hamlet were her first great life discoveries. At the age of 4, painting became one of her early childhood passions, opening the doors of her imagination, and she pursued creating the representation of unseen worlds of fairy tales containing angels and their battles with so- called demons. Anahita’s  mother then decided to have her collection of paintings exhibited in her kindergarten class.

By age 8, Anahita began taking piano lessons out of her fascination for music. Although she did not pursue the instrument further,  it became clear that she had an innate talent for playing by ear which influenced her musical studies for years to come.

As a teenager, she found herself immensely attracted to poetry and literature, particularly the poems of her father and her grandfather. By age 15, she had begun to write incessantly  and thus joined the school’s literature competition.  Anahita began to collect her poetry and her paintings in a few notebooks which served as as reference to her first composed piece, “Parallel Lives.”

In the moments of losing faith, writing and painting were her greatest forms of escape from the world around her. Her mother always supported Anahita’s art: she listened to her poems, brought her to painting and sculpture workshops, and never let her give up or to be disappointed in herself.

One of her favorite after-school activities was recording her poems along with backtracks of classical music and creating images on the Paint computer program.

By the age of 16 she was encouraged to choose the majors of Mathematic and Physics even though her passion was to go to Art School. However, Anahita never lost her lust for literature, creativity, and singing!

During this time, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before the tragedy struck, her mother made sure that she applied for an arts program in the university in order to develop her creative personality. She applied to study Theatre and Cinema Makeup Artistry, moving to Tehran and beginning her studies. It wasn’t so long after when Anahita had to say the last goodbye to her mother, her greatest inspiration and the reason for her art.

Anahita graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre and Cinema Makeup while simultaneously completing her poetry collection entitled “Diazepam Dreams,” which received many followers on her blog.  She soon combined her music with her poetry to be sung, and therefore decided to pursue classical voice and harp lessons! This was her mother’s greatest dream for her.

By the age 26, Anahita gave her first vocal and harp public performance. She also published her vocal pieces, including her lyrical poetry in Persian of “Memories of Childhood” sung over Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake and a Persian translation of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, which was one of her greatest achievements in her career as a singer. She also published Mary Hopkin’s “Those Were the Days” with a lyrical translation in Persian and her first individually composed song based on her poem “A Woman.”

Performing as Mezzo Sopranist in two Tehran choirs while studying Music Theory and Solfeggio culminated in boldest moment in her life as a musician, which was the day she composed Parallel Lives, her first classical instrumental piece. At the age of 28, this composition emerged during one of her darkest moments in her life, sitting on the edge of endings and disappointments, choosing between life and death, and seated in a dark imagination. As she sat by the piano one day, somehow there they were, the notes of that very moment, the harmony of her sorrows, The Parallel Lives which brought her the title of Distinguished Musician and Honorable Mention in the IBLA Grand Prize Composition Competition of 2014. It was because of this distinction that she decided to go back to the university, but this time to pursue a Master of Arts in Composition.

As a student again working on new pieces, Anahita recorded her very first album, Parallel Lives, a year later. The album includes 5 original classical pieces written for chamber orchestra, described by one of her university professors as “magic-real.”

Her piece “Stella” won 3rd prize in the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra Composition competition 2014.

Having only two semesters to graduate in the Composition major, she decided to move to Germany in October 2015 to pursue her dreams of life and of music.

Her piece “Katja is Passing Away” for solo piano brought her the title of the Most Distinguished Musician in IBLA Grand Prize 2016.

Recipient of the 2016 "IBLA Grand Prize" Award in New York City

Recipient of the 2016 "IBLA Grand Prize" Award in New York City

In December 2016, Anahita held her 1st painting exhibition in the beautiful city of Freinsheim, Germany.

She is currently composing new pieces to be performed and recorded as part of her second album. Anahita also continues to paint and write while studying Astronomy and Metaphysical sciences, the greatest inspirations in her world of the Arts .

She currently lives in Freinsheim, Germany, a beautiful historical and cultural city, and you might have seen her while taking pictures of a full moon on a summer’s midnight …

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